Ocean Breezes Embellished Cowhide Floor Covering

Ocean Breezes Embellished Cowhide Floor Covering

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'Shimmering ocean breezes and sparkling clear blue ocean waters seem to float over the floor with this unique Devore blue on white Embellished Natural Brazilian Cowhide floor covering. Experienced artisans use the World’s finest materials and procedures to create this lively piece of floor art. Coordinate with other light colors and neutrals to design a room environment unique to your personality. Natural color and pattern variations will occur as no two pieces are identical.

Hair on hide cleaning Instructions: For common spills or soil, soak with a paper towel or clean cloth immediately. Wipe with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. The cloth should be damp, not wet. You can use a mild non-detergent soap solution or cleaner such as Ivory Soap. Do not use Ivory liquid because it has a detergent base. Do not wash in washing machine or dry clean. Always allow the hide to air dry. Never dry with a hair dryer. Cleaning chemicals should NOT be used. If necessary, we suggest using a vacuum’s soft brush attachment for dust and dirt particles.

Size varies slightly as this is a natural product.

Materials: Leather hair-on-hide

Features: Blue/White

Overall Dimensions: 8' x 6' 

Model: BEH-DBW-128

Collection: Floor Art